What is Zombiance?


The atmosphere of a place when it is dead or boring.

The club was boring last night, we were not enjoying the zombiance.

See ambiance, boring, dead, lame



1. The special atmosphere or mood necessary to enjoy zombie movies specifically and schlock horror films in general.

2. The tone, character or mood of an environment created by watching horror films.

3. The creepy or unnerving feeling a person gets when surrounded by a large mass of people, such as in shopping malls, bars/pubs and crowded city streets. Most easily recognized when a person realizes that everyone is moving and talking but no one is really doing or saying anything.

1. Dim the lights man. You've got to set the proper zombiance to enjoy "Army of Darkness."

2. Wow, those movies were creepy. Turn on all the lights so we can break the zombiance.

3. There's a certain zombiance to holiday shopping. It really freaks me out.

See ambiance, scary, creepy, strange, mood, atmosphere, horror, enjoyment, agoraphobia


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