What is Zonky?


A ZONKY is a Donkey in Tijuana that is painted to resemble a Zebra. The Zonky started by a photographer back in the 1930's that noticed that when tourist took pictures with the Zonky's, The Zonky would fade and it could not be recognized. His fix to this was; paint the Donkey's with black stripes to make them stand out after the photo faded. This created the now world famous ZONKY located in Tijuana, MX.

Zonky is also a t-shirt brand out of Tijuana with humorous, funny logos of Tijuana and the culture.

Visit them at tijuanazonky

Donkey in Tijuana, TijuanaZonky,t-shirts of Tijuana.

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zon·ky zon·ki·er, zon·ki·est Chiefly American

1. Shaky; feeble.

2. Wrong; awry.

Jimmy tried to cross the zonky bridge and fell to his death.

See wonky, feeble, awry, shaky, zonkey


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