What is Zwak?


adj. there is no clear definition. The following, however, is known:

1)Zwak is only ever positive in meaning.

2)The meaning of Zwak covers many different subjects.

3)Zwak is a dynamic word (It always changes).

4)Zwak can never be inappropriate or offensive.

5)An exclamation point is not needed, but acceptable in extremely Zwak situations.

6)The spelling of Zwak is exact.

Kai cleared a large gap while free running, and Janine said "That was so Zwak".

1)Zwak can't mean bad.

2)Zwak can mean cool, fun, large, good, etc.

3)At one time Zwak can mean good, while another time it can mean awesome.

4)To give an inappropriate example wouldn't be Zwak.

5)Going to Spain is Zwak. Going to outer space is Zwak!

6)Unacceptable spellings: Zwack, zwak, zwack, etc.

*Note that there should be no tags, since Zwak is so unclearly defined. However this is a required field, so possible meanings have been added*

See good, awesome, cool, fun, large


it means to cum, or the result of masturbation on an object.

dude, you totally got zwak on the wall


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