A Babe In The Woods

What is A Babe In The Woods?


a defenseless person; a naive, young person

He's just a babe in the woods. He needs someone to protect him.


a person who is young, naivee, or lacks the needed experience to do well in a situation. This is usually said when the person is most likely to fail or struggle. People can gain experience or become jaded and lose this trait.

person one: hey did you see the new guy?

person two: yeah he said he was going to talk to HR about the soda machine!

person one: he is definatly a babe in the woods, he'll learn or get a new job.

See young, childish


Most often used as a metaphore meaning someone who is inexperienced, but can most definetly mean a very attractive woman that you find in the woods.

Ron: Dude, i was taking a stroll in the forest and i found a babe in the woods!

Rick: Are you serious??

Ron: Yeah man, i fucked the shit outta her!

See hot chick, babe, hottie


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