What is Aks-74u?


AVTOMAT KALASHNIKOV introduced 1974. more modern version of the AK-47. russian/communist bloc equivalent to the AR-15/M-16. main idea was to use smaller rounds so more ammo could be carried. that idea was stolen from the US forces use of the .223 remington, or 5.56 x 45 round.

the idea behind it was is a .22 cak round moving extremely fast has the same energy as a 30 caliber round moving slower.

same size as an AK-47. unlike the ak-47 which shoots 30 caliber 7.62 x 39 rounds, the ak-74 shoots 22 caliber 5.45x39 rds

the russians replaced their AK-47 main battle rifles with AK-74 rifles because they could carry more smaller rounds for the same weight.

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The invention of Mikhail Timofeyavich Kalashnikov. It is a short barrel version of the AK-74 assualt rifle.This is also the rifle that Osama Bin Laden uses.

"Comrade, i need some magazines for my AKs-74u to blow up arabs"

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The EXTREMELY Small version of the AK-47. Cheap price, cheap shots, cheap everything. This gun blows in long range. But can instantly fuck someone up in CQ (Close Quarters) battle.

My AKS-74u is very small, yet packin a punch.

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