What is Albinofied?


V.) To turn into a white, or very pale pigment. Having to do with the skin or hair. May be albinofied via photoshop, surgery, or seeing a picture of Michael Jackson.



*some time in the 1990's*

John: Hey man, you see Michael Jackson?

Bill: Nah, why?

John: He's white now! He albinofied himself!

Bill: No.... Fugging.... Way...

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V.) To be turned "Albino." Via surgery, photoshop, etc. Just remember, most mammals with blue eyes, and extremely white skin are deaf. SO always remember to change your eye color too!

*sometime in the 1990's*

Jake: Holy shit man!

Bill: What? What happened?

Jake: Michael Jackson... He got albinofied!!!

Bill: No... Fugging... Way...

See albino, albinofied, michael, jackson, photoshop, eyes, white, skin, racist


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