Broke Back Mountain

What is Broke Back Mountain?


an over rated movie featuring two gay sheep herders...thats right people not cowboys. as if it matters, the movie was shitty either way. two hours of akward man sex and sheep don't make for a good cinematic experience.

gay kid who is not yet out of the closet- i wish i was a sheep herder...

straigt kid- so you went to see "broke back mountain"

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A humorous term for homosexual activity

Have you been off playing "Broke back mountain" with the bloke next door!!

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In texas hold em poker terms it means pocket Kings (2 kings). A king (any suit) is often called a cowboy and as we all know in the movie "Broke Back Mountain" two cowboys were together hence the poker name for pocket kings or two cowboys together.

If someone has a pocket ace and king its called a "Cowboy with a Bullet". If you have pocket or 2 kings, a better hand, then you would have "Broke Back Mountain".


the act of getting a males penis in the anus which can lead to poopy cock,swelling of the anus,or anal bleeding

broke back mountain is tha way to go

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a group of words you use when your out of cash; have no money at all

" hey steve, lets hit up burger king fool"

" cant dude, Im broke back mountain today"

or to shorten it out "Im broke back today fool, i cant"

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