What is Cruster?


One who is crusty; either in attitude, behavior, or appearance.

1: My boss was being a real cruster last night by not letting me go home.

2: Don't be such a cruster!

3: What happened to your hair? You look like a cruster today.

See jerk, brat, rigid, mean


A lowlife, transeint or bum. Usually a person who is stinky and dishevelled in appearance.

A cruster is also referred to as a person who listens to the porno metal band "the Mentors".

1. Those people who hang out at that dive bar are a bunch of crusters.

2. If you listen to the band the Mentors? Your a cruster.


shooting one's load in a female's eye while she sleeps. when she awakes, her eye is crusted over and it can't be opened.


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