What is Loon?


A Psychotic person. Short for lunatic.

Damn that guy was chewing on his finger because he thought it was a peice of chicken. What a fucking LOON!


In Aberdeen, Scotland, it's local dialect (doric) meaning a young guy. That's probably why there's another definition further up, for fans of the Scottish actor Billy Boyd. Whose not from Aberdeen I think but never mind.

"Aye, d'ye ken that loon fae two doors up?"

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1 a large North American bird that eats fish


3 a rapper who belongs to Badboy Record

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A crazy, psychotic person who doesn't care a.k.a nutter]

C you are a proper loon

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An extinct lagoon creature of the Mesozoic era. Also, a ridiculously good looking person in green plad pants with crazy hair. You decide.

I walked by that cubicle and saw that loon staring at an empty computer screen.

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Tommie Harper; a silly person; the other Tommie Harper

Paul from Huntsville is the loon.


Loon is a straight man who has a fixation or attraction to or with Drag Queens or Transsexual men (men who dress as women). Also known as a Tranny Chaser

Shane is such a loon, a real tranny chaser...

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