What is Matabooboo?


Fake cocktail/drink. The word exists purely as a way of cracking a joke at a barperson's expense whilst your mates are standing round, thus guaranteeing you kudos for the rest of the evening.

For best effect, order a few normal drinks, then finish off by requesting a matabooboo.

The word originates from Yogi Bear's sidekick. See example for full usage and relevance details.

Donna: "Who's next?"

Wes: "Yeah, can I have 3 pints of Stella, two double vodka red bulls, a sex on the beach and a matabooboo".

Donna: "A what?"

Wes: "A matabooboo"

Donna: "What's a matabooboo"

Wes: "Nothing Yogi, what's the matter with you?"

Donna: "... knob."

See comedy, yogi bear, booboo, cocktail, hilarity


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