What is Nastynate?


The large black prison rapist in the movie "half baked" whos goal seems to be to raping kenny the "kindergarten cop killer"

"no nasty nate thats my bitch" - squirrel man


a male named nate who constantly sends his friends hyperlinks to the Urban Dictionary and any picture he finds containing fecal matter.

"Nate Woodward is a Nasty Nate"

See s


The word used to describe the dissapointment, when a mother looks at her really fuked up baby

omg, she is so nastynate


someone who is not co-ordinated enouph to scratch ones balls, or even turn pages in a magazine

woah, that guy looks wierd, kinda like NastyNate


a confused bi-sexual adolescent, with sporatic hair equally distributed over his body

woah, that guy looks wierd, kinda like nathan


a really big guy that goes to nsa


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