What is Ooop?


A word often used when a mistake is made.

ooop, I missed hitting Nick Jonas with my car. I'll have to turn sooner next time.

See oops, op, sorry, nick jonas


A word used to express anger or irritation, usually used when a mistake is made.

Ooop! Can you believe that that car almost hit the Jonas Brothers' bus? They should try harder next time.

Ooop! Katy Perry just missed the pit where she is meant to die in.

Ooop! Mom just give me the money for charity! It's going to a good cause!

See oop, anger, irritation, die, mistake


This means a thing used to express anger

Jenn: ooooop!!!! I just lost my lunch money

Elora: ooooop! did u see that Nick Jonas guy he just walked by me and din't say anything. oooop

Jenn: ooooop! That guy looks better with egg rools

See poop, add, new, egg, rool, elora, angry


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