What is Pissed?


British - drunk

American - really mad

"Oi, look at Tim! He's pissed off his ass! Haha!"

"Man, I'm fuckin pissed!"


1) To be extremely angry

2) To be heavily intoxicated with alcohol to the point of not knowing where you are.

3) Past verb of piss.

1) I'm pissed at you right now

2) He got pissed and fell down

3) I pissed in her mouth.

See Gumba Gumba


Annoyed and angered.

Drunk off your ass.

Fuck you, now I'm pissed.

I've been drinking all day, and I'm gettin a bit pissed. *thud*


Drunk. Very drunk.

After that bottle of Cuervo, Ward got royally pissed.

See Wizard


Slight intoxication through alcohol consumption. Typically characterised by a slight sense of drunkenness but none of the more advanced symptoms such as a reduction in inhibitions, loss of self control or inability to respond to questions. One step above sober on the scale of drunkenness and one step below steaming.

I was a bit pissed still when I arrived at work but my boss definitely couldn't have noticed.


1. to be very drunk

2. to be very angry

1. man, i was pissed outta my mind last night

2. im pissed like urine, he stole my fish!

See Andrew


I know you may have heard this before, but pissed, in Britain, means to be drunk.

"Goddamn, My good man. I am so pissed, I can't drive home tonight!"


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