What is ^?


Ascii Middle Finger

(^) you B****


exceptionally perky breasts

After she got her implants sergery her titswere like (^)(^)

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Sometimes used in forums or messageboards to refer to the post above.


Lol dat's funnah!!!!11!!!111oneone!1


Very useful signal that is typed when one pushes Shift and 6. It has many uses, some of which include:

1- An eye for the following emoticons: ^_^ and ^*^

2- A caret (symbol denoting that something is to be inserted somewhere)

3- Upwards arrow

4- Showing exponents (7^.5597)

5. Goes over random letters (usually vowels) in the French, German, and Hungarian languages (aka the circumflex)


A symbol of punctuation that announces sarcasm.

When used at the end of a sentence, it marks that sentence as a sarcastic remark.

Kid A: "Oh no, I forgot to recycle that bottle. I threw it in the trash! I am forever shamed!^"

Kid B: "As you should be!^"

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