Skank Wench

What is Skank Wench?


The skank who integrates herself into your life, with nothing but gold digging intentions. Intentionally stupid and flakey proving to be nothing but a constant drain emotionally and monetarily in your life. She strives to fly under the radar as 'dumb' and 'naive' yet knows exactly what she is saying and doing. Though seemingly harmless her gravitational pull manages to isolate all the people around her target (aka the man she is scamming).

"Yo' your girlfriend is a skank wench"

"Fuck that bitch Katie is totally scamming that guy, he thinks she's all innocent but she is a complete and utter skank wench!"

"That chick totally is pretending to be naive but she is such a skank wench"

See skank, wench, skankubine, gold digger


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