What is Yahtzee?


The most awesome video game critic to ever grace this existence, whose real name is Ben Croshaw. He managed to do all of two freelance reviews before he was quickly snatched up by The Escapist, where he now does weekly reviews in his own section, Zero Punctuation. This fast-talking, humor-filled critic with a British accent rambles on for three or four minutes almost without pause, illustrating his thoughts with a simple, yet amusing style of animation, and the kinds of offhand cracks that will have you falling out of your chair. If you've never heard of him, you should go and see Zero Punctuation.


Dude, did you see Yahtzee's review of Guitar Hero 3?

Yeah man, I almost pissed myself!

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word shouted when something good happens

or when you don't know what's going on

~throws leaves~

someone gets hit in the head w/ a pole.

"yahtzee!" - everyone else in the room


~everyone laughs at someone~

that someone - "yahtzee?"


the act of "rolling the dice"

a slang term for male masterbation

also used when speaking of the act of doing nothing

to be used with a hand motion

So what have you been doing today?

Oh you know, yahtzee!


This is when you are having sex with a chick, you pull out and finish into your hand. When she turns toward you, you roll your hand and throw the jiz like dice in her face yelling "Yahtzee!"

Carly loves to play "Yahtzee!"

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Means "nice to see you" in olde english. Can also mean "hello."

*Alex walks in*

Andrew: Hey, Alex. Yahtzee.

Alex: Sup.

*Alex walks in*

Andrew: Yahtzee, Alex.

Alex: Yahtzee.

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Performed when one is having sex with a girl. Before the male is about to ejaculate he pulls out and blows his load on his hand. Then proceeds to slap the girl in the face with said hand and yell "Yahtzee!"

Yo Opar Alexis came over last night, I Yahtzee'd her so good

Wow Sherry Palmer is such a bitch, David Palmer needs to Yahtzee her.

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A sexual move where a man ejaculates in his hand, shakes his clenched fist, and then throws it in his partners face yelling, "Yahtzee!"

Man: "Oh shit, I'm gonna blow!"

Woman: "Shoot it al over me!"

Man ejaculates in his hands and shakes it like he is going to roll some dice and then throws it in the woman's face.

Man: "Yahtzee...Take that bitch, Im outa here, loose 10 pounds and then call me."

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